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gtp challenge 3 research

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Sahar Fatima and Waziha Wadud

GTP Challenge 3 Research


Reason of the conflict: India and Pakistan are both fighting over the ownership of Kashmir, none of them like the idea of either one of them owning Kashmir. India and Pakistan have had many wars, guerrillas, outbreaks, terrorist activities which have resulted in many Muslims, Hindus, people of all races getting killed. Although they own separate parts now and they have called a ceasefire, there are still tensions between the two countries and borders.


Main political parties involved:The main political parties involved in this dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir are “The Jaamu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party” which was founded in 1998, “The Jammu and Kashmir People’s Democratic Party” which was founded in 1999 and “The All Parties Hurriyat Conference” which was founded in 1993.


Present situation of conflict:The Kashmir Area remains undetermined area because of the many countries that claim it. Many countries gave up on the ownership of the country. India and Pakistan cease to give up on the beautiful land which has resulted in three previous wars between the two in sake of the land. This region is on the border of both countries, and both countries have even rights towards it. The two countries have called a ceasefire, as an attempt for peace, yet there are still violations and the area has not reached a resolution yet.


Consequences of children in country:Many children still are suffering on the streets of India caused by the loss of their parents who have died at war or as a nurse. These kids are on the streets and have a probability of dying any moment due to lack of food, water and safety. Many children get separated from their families as many of them are from different regions or belong to different religions, which can end up in them becoming orphans. Since the lives of these uneducated children will be lost one way or another, the government decides to send them to war. There have been at least 3000 child soldiers in India as of 2013.



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