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Schoolpage Challenge 3 Part One Anton Resida School

Page history last edited by Hendrik Karsodikromo 10 years, 1 month ago


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Challenge 3: The right to safety and protection.



Topic 1:



Children protesting  for  stopping war!

The  children  draw an  picture  about stopping  the  war and make  love en peace instead war.

Every  child  has the  right  to  live happily and  in peace  with  their parent. The  people must stop making war. War makes  a  lot  of  children unhappy , sick , sad , and angry!It  is  never good to  fight  and  kill persons .




Topic 2:



After  telling  the  class students about  the  life  of Paola they  get  very  sad!

We  discussed  about  the  topic and talked  a  lot  about the  life  style  of  Paola  the  girl  of  the  Story.

The  students  didn't  know that  there  are  children  on  this  earth with  so  much  trouble  in  their  life  to  live.

What to do  to  solve  this  kind  of  problem  is: Every  living  person must think very good what  the  main  reason  is to  live.

If every living person begins to realize to live good  and  happy  with  each  other than and only than the  world  will become a paradise.




We  didn't  get  the  time  to  write  a  letter  to  the government .

But we will do  our  best  to write it.


So  that  was  it  for  this  time.


Comments (1)

Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 12:54 pm on May 19, 2014

Dear partcipants,
thank you for the Phase 3 postings. Drawings and impressions about Paola are very emotional.
Hope to read your letter soon.

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