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Schoolpage Challenge 1 - Lyceum25

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The right to good food, clean water and health care.



Topic 1:

We’re sure, that all people of the world, especially children, have the right to good food, clean water and health care,. Unfortunately, nowadays it’s not as good as it should be. Sure, the children in our country, who live in families, have everything for life: good food, clothes, all the possibilities for the harmonious development.  Though, there’re a lot of poor families, where the income is very low and there’s a problem of quality food in such families. So the food is not so healthy as it must be, because the matter is not to be hungry, and it’s more important for them to have any kind of food to feed the children.

As for the children, who are homeless, it’s a great problem for them to have healthy food. By the way, officially, there are no homeless children. All the children, who have no parents, must live in children’s homes, but some of them don’t want to live there and try to escape. Some of them steal some food and feed themselves. Some are beggared.

But we should say, that even in successful families nowadays there are some financial problems, as everything is getting expensive all the time, including the food prices. That’s why, we can’t say, that healthy food is available to everybody in our country. As to clean drinking water, we’re provided with drinkable water, but it’s not very healthy as water in the country isn’t cleaned very well, that’s why the people try to clean it themselves or use boiled water.

Frankly speaking, we know, there’re countries, in which children really don’t have the right to good food and any water to drink. We’re sure it’s not fair and people must do their utmost to improve the situation.

Health care is a great problem in our country and some other countries as well. Health care and medical service are considered to be free of charge in our country. As a matter of fact, all operations, analyses and some other services are paid by patients for. It’s not cheap and all drugs are very expensive in the country. We know, in the countries, where the system of medical insurance exists, it’s easier to get medical services for everybody. Unfortunately, there’s no medical insurance in our country. The question was widely discussed, but the problem hasn’t been solved yet. So, if a family is poor, they don’t have many opportunities to have good health care. Though, there’s a regular compulsory medical examination for school pupils and students. Besides, teachers, doctors, shop-assistants are regularly examined and they are not allowed to get down to work without it.

To sum it up, the essential part of a family income is spent on medical costs. To enable the change, bribary and corruption must be overcome, then, there will be enough money to provide free medical service.

It will be interesting for us to know the situation in your countries and we hope you’ll give us such an opportunity. We would also like to know is the right to education observed in your country. Is the education compulsory for every child? Is school education free of charge and what about higher education? Is it available for every young person or it’s only for the elite?






As for schoolchildren, they get quite healthy food at school and even can cook it themselves. On the photoes you can see children, having meals at the school Rest camp and at some school festivals.  



Topic 2:

Interview I

Student: Good morning. How are you?

Medical nurse at school: Fine. Thanks. What can I do for you? Has anything happened?

St.: Oh, nothing happened. We’re O.K. Could you answer some questions?

Med. Nurse: With pleasure.

St.: Are there all necessary facilities for work?

M. nurse: It’s a pity, but we have only some. Medicine in our country is not rich in all necessary equipment. Even at school we don’t have enough medicine. We have some due to your parents’ donation.

St.: Could you make any analyses here?

M.N.: Oh no. We don’t have the opportunities for it. If you need it, you’d better visit a doctor at hospital.

St.: Thank you very much. We wish this poor situation to be changed.


Interview II

At  Hospital.

Woman: Doctor, could you help my daughter? She is badly ill. She has been cured for some months, but she’s getting worse.

Doctor: Your daughter should be examined thoroughly and then we’ll get to know everything about the disease and its treatment exactly. I suspect her having a swelling in the head. It’s very serious and the curing might be long and expensive.

Woman: You see, it’s a problem for our family, as our family is not rich. What should we do?

Doctor: I’m very sorry, but we don’t have such facilities to make such serious operations. We even don’t have the possibility to do it in our country, so if the diagnosis is so serious, you’d rather go to Germany for that.

Woman: But where should we get such amount of money for the operation?

Doctor: Maybe some charity organization will help you. You should try.

Woman: Thank you doctor.

Doctor: Good luck.   



Interview III

Student: Good afternoon Doctor.

Doctor: Good afternoon. Can I help you?

St.: Could we ask you some questions?

Doc.: Yes, sure. I have some free time. What are you interested in?

St.: We’re interested in the conditions of your work. Can you help all the patients who’re ill?

Doc.: Unfortunately, no. The level of our medicine is not as high as in developed countries.

St.: Do you mean you don’t have all necessary facilities for it?

Doc.: No, we really aren’t well equipped, as all modern facilities are very expensive and our government doesn’t provide medical institutions at a proper level.

St.: We’re really sorry and wish you to get everything you need for the hospital.


Interview IV

At the Regional hospital (department of burn and scald treatment)

Student: Hi Granny. How are you? Are you better?

Granny: I’m much better. Medical staff is so great here in spite of their poor wages. They are so attentive to patients. Doctors and medical nurses take care of us.

St.: But the wards are so poor, they are unrepaired, the furniture isn’t comfortable, it’s old.

Gr.: It’s really so, but it’s not the fault of the staff. It’s the government, who doesn’t think of people.

St.: Besides, I can’t see any modern facilities to treat patients.

Gr.: You see, new equipment has been bought, but the premises are not suitable, because plaster’s falling down from the ceiling and may spoil the new facilities. That’s why, they’ve not been adjusted yet.

St.: And what about the staff’s qualification?

Gr.: They’re all highly qualified and are real professionals. They are eager to help patients and give them worthy treatment and they try to do their best. 





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Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 9:15 am on Mar 27, 2014

Thank you,
more and more ... Well done!

Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 8:53 am on Mar 27, 2014

Dear participants,
thank you for the Challenge 1 inputs. Hope you'll add drawings on topic 1 -Right to good food and claen water - as soon as possible

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